Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

So this post is not supposed to be on out word appearance or to show you the awesome clothe I have (not). I'm doing it because I'm challenging myself to get dressed everyday even if I plan on staying home (ok I get one jammie day a week)

During my pregnancy I rarely got out of my pj's unless I HAD to even they are very comfy they do make me feel kinda yucky by the end of the day, and by the time my husband got home I looked very frumpy!

When I get up and get myself dressed I feel so much better and I feel like I can face the day. I def get more done and feel better about myself.

I'm also trying to be more creative with the clothing that I have instead of always thinking I need something new. I'm also working on losing my baby fat so I thought taking pictures of myself (which is very awkward for me) and seeing the progress would be motivating!  Linking up to

So all that to say this is not to be showy just to be accountable, Oh and I love seeing what other people are wearing and where it came from! It's very inspiring!
 I'm sorry I don't know where half of my clothe came from since its been awhile since I've went "normal"clothe shopping
 Shirt~ Target
Boots~ Boscoves (Christmas Gift)
Scarf~ Plato's Closet (I think)
Flower made by me

Skinny Jeans~ Motherhood Maternity (give me a break my babies only three weeks old)
Shirt~ Forever 21
Cardigan~ ??? Sorry
Shirt~ gift
Cardigan ~ borrowing from Ony (my best friend)
Shoes~ Gift from Ony (Who is just awesome)
My daughter wanting to look at the pictures
Yes I'm back in my skinny jeans I'm to nervous to try my regular jeans on but from the looks of these pictures I'd better try them on soon
Tank top~ Aeropastle
Shirt~ Target

Shirt~ FB yardsale (thanks Jess)
Cardigan~ Charlotte Russe
Jeans~ Motherhood Maternity
Shoes~ Payless

I Def need to accessorize more but that's something I find a little hard to do when I'm just at home.


  1. seriously, you are so pretty and always look so put together. please don't ever stop in at my house un-expectedly cause im always frumpy!!!

  2. i love your blog so inspiring, i have to smile at the pj thing...i am OFTEN in my pjs when i'm home all day :) -thankyou for sharing!!