Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bike Ride

Nicholas went for his first bike ride in the bike seat. He was overly excited

Yes he did wear a helmet if you look to the right you will see it. I thought he looked so adorable with it on but Steve did not, cause it's pink. We may need to quit buying everything pink for Aisha because Nicholas is starting to show up in all things pink and Steve does not appreciate it:)

Tomato Soup

So while I was canning tomato soup

The kids were enjoying and endless amount of Cheerios
I really enjoy canning, but with two littles it is quite a chore so I do what it takes to keep them occupied and get it done as quick as I can. Thank you Cheerios!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stoltzfus Vacation

Every year Steve's family goes to the cabin for a long weekend (Thurs-Sunday). OK so we went up from Sunday to Sunday. Steve is doing some work up there so he was working Monday then the rest of the week we hung out! Steve's version of "hanging out" is always doing something (fishing, four wheeling, cutting down a tree) and my version of "hanging out" is relaxing (SLEEPING, reading, digital scrap booking) so that made it interesting:) We really did have allot of fun! Both of the kids love it up there! with all the trips we have made up there the last couple of months they may be confused which is their real home.

Every Year we go up the same time as the Harford Fair I am not much of a fair person but I love the Harford Fair. It is a good old country fair that may be slightly redneck:). This is the first year that Aisha loved the rides, so that's pretty much what we did.
We entered them both into the baby show and Aisha won first in her category and Nicholas won second in his.
Aisha loved playing with Steve's tackle box so we stopped and Cabela's on the way up and got her, her own tackle box and fishing line. To say she was excited about it is and understatement she may have even insisted on sleeping with it
I love how girly she is, but is not afraid to touch a fish:)
Shooting clay pigeons

These little girls had so much fun playing with the Jeep they literally spent hours on that thing
 "I see you Brooke"
Friday night we go out to the fair and eat dinner then we gave the kids rides and watched the rodeo
I love how fearless Aisha is, she wanted to go on the ride all by herself
Minuets after we left the fairgrounds this happened! there were about 12 people injured and the neighbor lady at the cabin was one of the injured, She was drug for 12 feet and it shattered her shoulder bone. We were all thanking God for his protection over us, Steve comes from a big family and everyone had left before it happened.
Kan Jam was a popular game

and of course the annual pinata

I will leave you with a family picture
We had allot of fun and love spending time with our families!