Saturday, October 22, 2011

18 Months

My Baby is growing up so fast! Yesterday she reached the 18 month mark! I tried to get some good pictures of her, but my lack of photography knowledge combined with... well an 18 month old doesn't mix to well.

I absolutely love her hair!! She has the most beautiful natural curls, and she does pretty good at letting me comb it and leaving stuff in her hair.

Although you could never tell from the pictures, Aisha is such a happy toddler. She loves life and everything about it.
Every morning she wakes up and gives me a tight squeeze and pats my back.
She usually sleeps till 8 or 9 (which I love)
She loves staying home but she also loves going to other kids houses and playing with new toys, she is a very social child and has no problem staying somewhere as long as they have fun toys.
She is starting to play so nice with her toys instead of getting into my cabinets and drawers (yaaayy)
 Her favorite toys right now are her five little puppies (not real dogs) and she has them all named.

Aisha can now count up to 10 and she loves playing hide and seek with her Dad, She puts her little head down on a chair and counts to ten .
She is also learning her abc's and can go up to J then she skips a few and goes to Z :). I love seeing her learn and discover new things.

Her favorite person on earth is her Dad and she get so excited when she sees his truck pulling in. She goes running to the door and as soon as she sees him she tells him exactly where to put his lunch box because she knows she will find a treat in it.
Another thing she does that melts our hearts: Every night after we put her to bed she hollers over at us "night momma, night dada, love you momma, love you dada" so precious.

Can you tell she is our world?:) I never knew being a mom would be this much fun, although some days do get long and I get very tired  we are having the time of our lives.

And here are a couple of photos I had to add, A couple of weeks ago I did grape juice and didn't want Aisha to get to close to the cooker so this is how Steve entertained her.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Pies

A few weeks ago at church we were all given the opportunity to take $50.00. The purpose was to go and mulitply the $50.00. It is a fund raiser for our building fund. As many of you know our church (Worship Center) built a new building last year and it has been a huge blessing to so many people! but we would love to see the building paid for!!

So to try and multiply my $50.00 I am making pumpkin pies. I use my Mother-in-law's recipe and I cook my own pumpkin (I hate pumpkin pie with canned pumpkin just sayin)

So between now and Thanksgiving if you need pumpkin pie's please let me know. They are 8 inch pie's and they are $5.00 a piece. You can pick them up at my house or I can deliver them. If ordering more than four please give me a couple of days notice.

And this is the way I eat my pumpkin pie! soooo yummy!  (Yes I did eat the whole piece! why do you ask?)

You can leave me a comment on here or facebook me


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stoltzfus Family Vacation 2011

Every year Steve's whole family goes to the cabin (he is one of eight and all are married and have kids except two) We always go up over the Harford fair. This year it was so much fun seeing Aisha have fun at the fair and with all her cousins. She absolutely loved all the animals at the fair!!

One night we watched the rodeo and now every time Steve give her a "horse" ride she falls off and acts like
she was bull riding.

Aisha loved all the animals, here she is amazed by all the bunnies

"driving" a gator

She won first place in the baby show! (no I'm not trying to turn her into a diva)

Her favorite were the goats and sheep, did I ever mention that I had sheep and goats when I was a kid and I loved them so much so this totally melts my heart!  This child really does need her own farm!

She discovered that playing with play dough is a whole lot of fun, These two spent hours sitting there playing play dough.

bath time is so much more fun with some company! (Aisha with her cousins Brooke and Olivia)

watching her daddy play volleyball while enjoying some of Grandpa's watermelon

My two favorite people in the whole wide world

I know this picture is blurry but it cracked me up, I love the look on Steve's face. Helping your daughter hit the pinata is very intense.

I also realized that all my pictures are of Aisha, yes there was over 30 people up there and the only person I took a picture of was Aisha, I will try to do better next time.

Fall is quickly drawing near and I could not be happier!!
As of yesterday I'm 18 weeks along which means I'm almost half way. yaaaaayy I must say this pregnancy is going allot faster than the one before! I'm feeling so good these days which is a huge blessing!

Here's to FALL I'm excited about it are you?


Painted sign

I have been wanting to make a sign for sometime now, thanks to  So the  about two weeks ago I asked Steve if he could help me. I get very nervous when it comes to painting!  He found some old wood in the garage (which I had no idea we had or I would have done this a long time ago) and I got to work or should I say Steve got to work. He sanded down the board and I got the font and he did most of the painting.

I absolutly love how it turned out!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finally some help in the garden!

Steve finally found someone to help him in the Garden:)

Aisha was putting the potatoes in the bucket as fast as Steve was digging them up. 

We are having a very productive Saturday at home. I got my peaches canned (with some help from Steve and his mom). We dug up our potatoes and carrots, Steve did some painting, I did some cleaning.

Now I'm enjoying some quiet time while Aisha is taking a nap.

I've been feeling so much better this week!!! I think I got more done this past week than I did the past 16 weeks combined.   It is a very good feeling to feel like doing something again!!

Happy weekend

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aisha Rayne (16 months)

Two post in one day??? yup thats how I roll

                                                    Looking all pretty before church!

My baby is growing up so fast! She talks nonstop! I absolutely LOVE this age! even with my sickness I have been thoroughly enjoying seeing her personality develop! She always asks for her daddy in the morning when she wakes up but then I remind her that daddy is at work, working hard so I am able to stay home and take care of her so then she repeats me and says "dada work".

She loves to eat!! the only thing she has ever spit out of her mouth is beats other than that she eats anything I put in front of her. Her favorite food for breakfast is yogurt and granola and she thinks its so cool that she can use her spoon! 

She loves life to the fullest and enjoys playing with all her cousins she calls her cousin Tanisha "Te Te". I think we were there to much last week because one morning she woke up crying to go to Te Te's house.
 She loves to sing, and I will often hear her singing when she is playing with her toys.

I'm so blown away by the stuff she does and says. I've been reminded lately of the awesome responsibility we have as parents to teach our kids and model a Godly lifestyle because what they see us doing and saying often comes out in them!
I pray for wisdom and guidance as we raise Aisha and that the Holy Spirit would lead us as we teach, and interact, and discipline her.

We love you Aisha Rayne and feel so blessed that God has allowed us to be your parents!

One long post!!

Because my posts are few and far between! (I promise I will try to do better)

Our summer has been pretty uneventful, I found out I was pregnant Memorial day weekend, and a week later I started feeling sick. I was sick most of June and the whole month of July. When I am feeling sick the only thing I want to do is stay HOME!!  and with the heat I didn't even want to step foot outside. So thats pretty much what we did for six plus weeks.

I'm starting to feel much better!!! and was able to get my pizza sauce and my salsa canned. I'm so excited because I was not sure if I was going to get any canning done this year!

Aisha looking very guilty while I was busy making salsa! I always know when she got into something she was not supposed to just by the look on her face

A few weeks ago Steve took Aisha to the Haiti sale on his bike. It was late in the afternoon till he got back and Aisha had not had a nap. She was so tired she fell asleep on the back of the bike.

We are thoroughly enjoying our fresh tomatoes from our garden. I think Aisha is enjoying them even more than Steve and I. She will help herself to any tomato she can lay her hands on, she eats them like an apple and eats them down to the core (do tomatoes have cores??).  This morning she was begging for one for breakfast.

Our Family welcomed Jacoby Cole Stoltzfus into the world on August 7th.

Jacoby and his proud older brother Orlando!

It is so fun to have another baby in the family again! He is absolutely darling!!! and we all fight over him!

I thought this was funny, We are Oriole fans and they are in last place (which is not unusual) So what do you do with baseball T's when your team sucks???? you wear them to mow the yard:)

So there you go, a peak into our summer (I warned you it was gonna be long)
We are very ready for some fall weather!
and also looking forward to spending a weekend at the mountains with Steve's family


Monday, June 27, 2011

Myrtle Beach Vacation

We spent a week in Myrtle Beach and had a wonderful time! Aisha loved every minuet of having her daddy around all the time! We would wake up every morning and just keep saying da-da, da-da as if she was just tickled pink about him being there when she woke up.

She loved the water and would just run right in, so it wasn't the most relaxing vacation. But we are quickly learning that nothing is really relaxing anymore with a toddler (unless she's sleeping). But we did find great joy in seeing her have fun. We love Myrtle Beach and this was our third time down since we were married, so it was just fun for us to see Aisha have fun at a place that we love so much!

She loved all the action and would quickly spy another kid and go wave at them. She also loved all the different animals that she got to see, one night she even got to hold a monkey which she wasn't to sure about.

We had a wonderful time as a family! I felt pretty good all week but was pretty wore out by the end of the trip! I was so thankful for how good I felt I was looking forward to this trip for a long time!
 One night we went you on a skywheel, Aisha loved it!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (a day late)

I'll start  by wishing my mother a happy mothers day!
She is an amazing mother and grandmother (when she's around Aisha wants nothing to do with me)

One thing that stands out to me about my mother is that she never worried.  She never worried when we were little she never worried when we were teenagers, she was not one of those mothers that layed awake until we got home. She cared a great deal about us and about our well being but she never worried.

Having a little one of my own I have no idea how she did it, but I HATE worrying its something that comes so quick and everyday i have to give it to God, give Aisha's safety and well being to him because I know that by me worrying will only affect me and nothing else.

One day I hope that not worrying will come natural!
My mother with her Mother and baby Aisha

I had a wonderful Mothers day!! I was in nursery at church for first service then Steve and Aisha came and we went to second service. I always love the Mother's Day service makes me feel so special being a mom
Steve suprised me and bought me some lovely earings. I'm not much of a jewlry wearer but I love when he buys me jewlry makes it all the more special!!

He also made me lunch wich was awesome!!

                                                     If you look close you can see my mothers day gift:)

I love being Aisha's mother! She is such a fun little girl! this morning i went to her room and the first thing she said was "hi baby" o i just wanted to squeeze her!!!

This made me giggle so like I said I went to church earlier yesterday and today when I went to upload some pictures I found these. Guess thats what she does when mom is not home!

Happy Mother's day to all my amazing friends! I hope you all had a lovely relaxing day!