Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (a day late)

I'll start  by wishing my mother a happy mothers day!
She is an amazing mother and grandmother (when she's around Aisha wants nothing to do with me)

One thing that stands out to me about my mother is that she never worried.  She never worried when we were little she never worried when we were teenagers, she was not one of those mothers that layed awake until we got home. She cared a great deal about us and about our well being but she never worried.

Having a little one of my own I have no idea how she did it, but I HATE worrying its something that comes so quick and everyday i have to give it to God, give Aisha's safety and well being to him because I know that by me worrying will only affect me and nothing else.

One day I hope that not worrying will come natural!
My mother with her Mother and baby Aisha

I had a wonderful Mothers day!! I was in nursery at church for first service then Steve and Aisha came and we went to second service. I always love the Mother's Day service makes me feel so special being a mom
Steve suprised me and bought me some lovely earings. I'm not much of a jewlry wearer but I love when he buys me jewlry makes it all the more special!!

He also made me lunch wich was awesome!!

                                                     If you look close you can see my mothers day gift:)

I love being Aisha's mother! She is such a fun little girl! this morning i went to her room and the first thing she said was "hi baby" o i just wanted to squeeze her!!!

This made me giggle so like I said I went to church earlier yesterday and today when I went to upload some pictures I found these. Guess thats what she does when mom is not home!

Happy Mother's day to all my amazing friends! I hope you all had a lovely relaxing day!

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