Saturday, October 22, 2011

18 Months

My Baby is growing up so fast! Yesterday she reached the 18 month mark! I tried to get some good pictures of her, but my lack of photography knowledge combined with... well an 18 month old doesn't mix to well.

I absolutely love her hair!! She has the most beautiful natural curls, and she does pretty good at letting me comb it and leaving stuff in her hair.

Although you could never tell from the pictures, Aisha is such a happy toddler. She loves life and everything about it.
Every morning she wakes up and gives me a tight squeeze and pats my back.
She usually sleeps till 8 or 9 (which I love)
She loves staying home but she also loves going to other kids houses and playing with new toys, she is a very social child and has no problem staying somewhere as long as they have fun toys.
She is starting to play so nice with her toys instead of getting into my cabinets and drawers (yaaayy)
 Her favorite toys right now are her five little puppies (not real dogs) and she has them all named.

Aisha can now count up to 10 and she loves playing hide and seek with her Dad, She puts her little head down on a chair and counts to ten .
She is also learning her abc's and can go up to J then she skips a few and goes to Z :). I love seeing her learn and discover new things.

Her favorite person on earth is her Dad and she get so excited when she sees his truck pulling in. She goes running to the door and as soon as she sees him she tells him exactly where to put his lunch box because she knows she will find a treat in it.
Another thing she does that melts our hearts: Every night after we put her to bed she hollers over at us "night momma, night dada, love you momma, love you dada" so precious.

Can you tell she is our world?:) I never knew being a mom would be this much fun, although some days do get long and I get very tired  we are having the time of our lives.

And here are a couple of photos I had to add, A couple of weeks ago I did grape juice and didn't want Aisha to get to close to the cooker so this is how Steve entertained her.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Pies

A few weeks ago at church we were all given the opportunity to take $50.00. The purpose was to go and mulitply the $50.00. It is a fund raiser for our building fund. As many of you know our church (Worship Center) built a new building last year and it has been a huge blessing to so many people! but we would love to see the building paid for!!

So to try and multiply my $50.00 I am making pumpkin pies. I use my Mother-in-law's recipe and I cook my own pumpkin (I hate pumpkin pie with canned pumpkin just sayin)

So between now and Thanksgiving if you need pumpkin pie's please let me know. They are 8 inch pie's and they are $5.00 a piece. You can pick them up at my house or I can deliver them. If ordering more than four please give me a couple of days notice.

And this is the way I eat my pumpkin pie! soooo yummy!  (Yes I did eat the whole piece! why do you ask?)

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