Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nicholas~ 3 Months

Happy three months buddy!

My weeks are flying by! can't believe its time for another update! I will say that I welcome each day and the changes he's making. The past three months have been quite difficult for me. Nicholas is not the most happy content baby but he is definitely doing a lot better, I still feel like some days we have absolutely no routine which can bother me but I'm trying to be ok with it!
He is starting to smile and fuss and the other night I had him giggling when he was taking a bath! It's so much fun seeing his personality come out! He has to be where the action is. If he's on the floor and me and Aisha walk out of the room he starts crying.
He loves his big sister and thinks she is so funny!
He has been doing really good the past couple of nights and I am feeling alot more rested! (sleep is very underrated!) 
Even though some days are very hard I thank God for a healthy baby!
I love you Nicholas Camden!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Aisha's Birthday Celebration

On Saturday we celebrated Aisha's second birthday at Strasburg Railroad. She had the time of her life!
The pictures say it all.
Nicholas had fun to!

We stopped at Chic Fil A for lunch

Saturday night we had a little party. I set everything up outside and just as I was putting food out it started getting really windy and looked very stormy so we moved everything inside and then it ended up not raining till later so the kids still got to play outside.
Aisha ordered Dora cupcakes for her birthday..

Aisha and her cousins
 Still cannot believe she is two
 Aisha's cousin Tanisha who is five weeks older than her. love her!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Aisha

My baby is two today (yes she's still my baby)

Where in the world did the past two years go?
We are enjoying this age so much!
She is so full of life and makes our lives very exciting
We love you Aisha Rayne!

Today we are going to celebrate at Strasburg Railroad.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Healthy Eater?

Every evening when Steve gets home from work Aisha goes running for his lunch, she knows there will be a treat in there for her. Last night she opened all the containers and chowed down.

She LOVES fruit!

 and look what she left in his lunch, yep she never touched the smarties just ate the grapes and carrots.

Don't let her fool you! She is quite the chocolate lover too!


What I Wore Wednesday

Again I only have one outfit to post, and I did get dressed more than that this past week it's just that I forgot to take pictures....grrrr!
I've had this shirt for a very long time, probably before I was married (which will be 5 years in June...wow) and someone complimented me on it I almost giggled but then it made me happy that you can still wear old clothe and not look way outdated.
I'm still being challenged to mix up my clothe, some days I feel very drab and boring and someday I just do not have time to think about it.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 Weeks

Aisha at 10 weeks

Nicholas at 10 weeks
I love looking back at Aisha's pictures and comparing them to Nicholas. Some days I think they looks so much alike and the next I don't think they do at all. These pictures prove they look very different.

sorry Nicholas about the pink bumbo:) I have a feeling there is going to be allot of pink in his life, although I'm sure his Dad will make sure he gets plenty of camo stuff


Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

{It's very hard getting a good family picture with little ones.....someone please say Amen!!}

We spent sunday at Steve's parents. His mom made an amazing lunch then she had an egg hunt for the the kids. Aisha loved it!

{Adorable niece}


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

There was an Easter egg hunt at church a couple of weeks ago and I took Aisha and Nicholas.

Nicholas was in the carrier and Aisha was being a big girl. I used to carry her everywhere and she is learning pretty quickly that I cannot carry her anymore, I was afraid she would just dart off, but she does really good staying with me

We met up with my sister-in-law Bec and her two girls, Aisha adores her cousins Brooke and Olivia!
{silly girls}

The weather was not very nice so they had the egg hunt inside. they put all the eggs in the center of the room and the kids just ran in and got as many as they could.
{I loved all the colorful eggs}

{beautiful curls}
and no I do not curl her hair. I hardly have time to brush my teeth let alone curl her hair, I just chuckle inside when people ask me if I curl her hair, really??? she's ONE:

Happy Easter!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I Only have one outfit from this past week. We have all been a little sick so I didn't get out of my Pj's to much:(

Tank and Scarf~ Body Central
Jeans ~ Charlotte Russe
Shirt~ Target
Shoes~ TOMS sequins (my splurge of the year)

Here's to a healthier week

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Little Baby Chickens

Steve promised Aisha that once she was fully potty trained (for the most part, she just peed herself a minuet ago) he would take her and let her pick out some baby chickens. She talked about it everyday and finally one day did not have an accident the whole day

So one Saturday they went and she picked some out. She was so excited I have never seen a child so happy about some baby chickens

they were in a box in the garage for a week then Steve made them a little pen. Aisha goes right into the pen with them it is the cutest thing ever!
One day my sister was here and Steve gave her two because he had to buy six and we didn't need six
Aisha was absolutely heartbroken, she cried and cried about her two missing chickens so Steve went back and got them (sorry Devon) maybe when they are bigger and she cannot play with them as much she will be able to let two go.
Yesterday she spent an hour just playing with them!