Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

There was an Easter egg hunt at church a couple of weeks ago and I took Aisha and Nicholas.

Nicholas was in the carrier and Aisha was being a big girl. I used to carry her everywhere and she is learning pretty quickly that I cannot carry her anymore, I was afraid she would just dart off, but she does really good staying with me

We met up with my sister-in-law Bec and her two girls, Aisha adores her cousins Brooke and Olivia!
{silly girls}

The weather was not very nice so they had the egg hunt inside. they put all the eggs in the center of the room and the kids just ran in and got as many as they could.
{I loved all the colorful eggs}

{beautiful curls}
and no I do not curl her hair. I hardly have time to brush my teeth let alone curl her hair, I just chuckle inside when people ask me if I curl her hair, really??? she's ONE:

Happy Easter!



  1. I LOVE her curls! I hope Olivia ends up with curls :) But really, I know people who actually blow-dry and/or curl their LITTLE girls' hair every morning!!! But getting anywhere before 10am doesn't happen either... All that to say, I won't be doing that with my girlie either ;) Happy Easter to your little family!

    1. O wow that would be way to stressful for me!! but hey if thats what makes them happy:) Love staying in touch with you through facebook and blogging!