Monday, February 27, 2012

Daddy entertaining

Steve does a wonderful job at entertaining the kids Sunday mornings when I'm getting ready but I never know what he's gonna come up with


Friday, February 24, 2012

Nicholas Camden 1 Month

today Nicholas is 1 month old

He is defiantly growing he's just staring to outgrow his newborn clothe, which makes me sad but I'm ready to wear some different clothe on him, his newborn selection is very limited.
He is drinking between 3-4 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours.
He smiles a little but you have to work pretty hard to get it out of him.
He does pretty good at night, he will go a good 4 hours between feeding and always settles well after his first feeding

I'm enjoying having a newborn in the house again, although I do miss my full nights sleep, but my sister told me today that this to shall pass! I should have asked her if she would like to take over for a few night:) haha she probably would take me up on it though.
Cute little booties he got as  a gift

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I wore Wednesday

this week I only have a couple of outfits to post. I did get out of my pj's I just wasn't that faithful in taking pictures
Shirt~ Maurices
Jeans~ maternity
Cardigan~ Wet seal
I did it! I finally dug out my regular jeans and tried them on and well lets just say some are quite snug but I did find this pair that fit me and are actually comfortable.
Shirt~ Gift from Ony
Cardigan~ Ony's
Shoes~ Gift from Ony, Wow from the way this looks she gives me allot of clothe:) she really is cool like that!

and here is Aisha again begging to see the picture, (sporting my red high heels). As soon as she sees the camera she trails me around begging to see.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aisha 22 Months

Today Aisha Rayne is 22 months old

She is growing up so fast! I know I always say that but these past (almost) two years have gone by so fast!
She loves being the big helper around here! She is always making sure Nicholas has his nuk, his bottle and his blankie.
Aisha is stll doing so good at counting and saying her ABC's. She is starting to recognize letters and we are working on her colors and shapes.
She loves spending time with her daddy and his pretty much his shadow when he is at home.
She is doing so good with adjusting to having a baby brother and not getting all the attention, we had a rough couple of weeks but she is doing so much better.
Her favorite song is "Oh how I love Jesus" and I hear her singing it throughout the day.
She loves looking at books and does good at entertaining herself when I'm feeding Nicholas

She started crawling out of her crib so Steve made her a toddler bed, she loves it but has a little trouble staying in it, she is often up way earlier than I would chose and sometimes her naps are a struggle but I think everyday she is doing better.
She is a very high energy toddler  but I'm loving this stage!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

So this post is not supposed to be on out word appearance or to show you the awesome clothe I have (not). I'm doing it because I'm challenging myself to get dressed everyday even if I plan on staying home (ok I get one jammie day a week)

During my pregnancy I rarely got out of my pj's unless I HAD to even they are very comfy they do make me feel kinda yucky by the end of the day, and by the time my husband got home I looked very frumpy!

When I get up and get myself dressed I feel so much better and I feel like I can face the day. I def get more done and feel better about myself.

I'm also trying to be more creative with the clothing that I have instead of always thinking I need something new. I'm also working on losing my baby fat so I thought taking pictures of myself (which is very awkward for me) and seeing the progress would be motivating!  Linking up to

So all that to say this is not to be showy just to be accountable, Oh and I love seeing what other people are wearing and where it came from! It's very inspiring!
 I'm sorry I don't know where half of my clothe came from since its been awhile since I've went "normal"clothe shopping
 Shirt~ Target
Boots~ Boscoves (Christmas Gift)
Scarf~ Plato's Closet (I think)
Flower made by me

Skinny Jeans~ Motherhood Maternity (give me a break my babies only three weeks old)
Shirt~ Forever 21
Cardigan~ ??? Sorry
Shirt~ gift
Cardigan ~ borrowing from Ony (my best friend)
Shoes~ Gift from Ony (Who is just awesome)
My daughter wanting to look at the pictures
Yes I'm back in my skinny jeans I'm to nervous to try my regular jeans on but from the looks of these pictures I'd better try them on soon
Tank top~ Aeropastle
Shirt~ Target

Shirt~ FB yardsale (thanks Jess)
Cardigan~ Charlotte Russe
Jeans~ Motherhood Maternity
Shoes~ Payless

I Def need to accessorize more but that's something I find a little hard to do when I'm just at home.

Monday, February 13, 2012

First Day Out

Yesterday we ventured out to Church!
It was the first time we were out as a family of 4.
It went better than I thought it would, My husband is a huge help when it comes to getting kids ready for church! Getting a little girl ready, along with myself, and squeezing in feedings and breakfast is no small task! But it went smoothly and we even made it to early service on time.
And I think we picked the coldest day of the year to go out!

We even squeezed in a few pictures in before we left. Wished I would have gotten one of all four of us!

I thought maybe I'd venture out by myself this week but I'm not sure with this cold weather we are having, and I'm fighting a bit of a cold and praying that the little man don't get it! 
there is always next week, and my house is just so cozy!


Friday, February 10, 2012

"In My Red High Heels"

This is what Aisha does when I'm getting ready. She loves shoes! Kinda scary

The sippy cup just tops the outfit off!

What she doesn't come up with


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We've been having some beautiful weather lately! I'm not sure if the weather is confused or what. I am enjoying the sunshine (from inside). Although I do love winter and wouldn't mind a good snowstorm sometime this year!

Aisha loves playing outside yesterday she was riding her bike on the deck and insisted on wearing her winter coat and a hat even though I tried to tell her she doen't need them. Oh well at least I knew she wasn't cold.

I'm loving all the food we have been getting! I enjoy cooking but I love other peoples food and its such a nice break over this time. During the afternoon I can sit and enjoy my little guy while Aisha is taking a nap and not worry about what to make for dinner! So a big thank you to everyone who brought or who is bringing us meals we are enjoying them!


Monday, February 6, 2012

What a difference seven months makes

Aisha Rayne at 14 months,
Still has some of her baby fat.

Aisha at 21 months. I think she looks so much more like a little girl. Can't believe how big my babies getting, guess she's not my baby anymore. time is going so fast!

Labor Story

My due date was Jan 31st but I was dilated for about a month before so I had a feeling I would go early. Well Jan 24th rolled around and still no baby I was miserable and huge and very uncomfortable! I went to the Dr. at 9:30 and she stripped my membranes, by 12:00 I was having contractions fairly close together. I called Steve who was working in Philly and told him that they started and he should think about coming home. His response was this: "Honey can you give me like an hour to finish?' which would turn into 2 or 3 hours by the time he got home. I was like really? How am I supposed to tell this baby not to come:). So I layed on the couch to try to slow them down but then I kept thinking of all the last minuet stuff I wanted to do before I head into the hospital. Every time I got up they would come faster so I finally decided I'd better stay laying, At this point they were not real hard just pretty close together. Steve and I kept calling back and forth and I was so relieved when he said they are on their way home. My mom had Aisha so she brought her home and I got to spend a few minuets with her, It felt so weird knowing that this would be the last time I'd only have her. I almost pitied her but I knew I didn't want her to be an only child. Very weird feeling!
anyway back to labor, Steve got home around 2:30 and we headed to the hospital. My contractions were still not that hard just close together. I was half way through checking in and she told be I'd better get back to triage and that Steve could finish checking me in.  The doctor came and checked me and I was at 5. I was in triage for about 15 min. then they took me to labor and delivery. I was planning on trying to labor a little longer without and epidural or maybe even try it without but they started trying to get a vain for the IV and could not get it. It took three nurses and then they finally called the anesthesiologist to come and she got it right away after 45 min and 6 pricks. By this time I was so frustrated and just wanted some relief, it was very hard laboring sitting in one position while they kept sticking a needle in me. within about 10 min of them hooking up the IV I got an epidural and thought I was in Heaven! by this time it was about 5:00 so I just relaxed for a little and Steve went and got something to eat. Then we played skipbo yes its just the game we play when I'm in labor I think it's a fun tradition so far. Oh by the way I beat him all three games. At 6:30 my water broke and I started to feel allot of pressure so she called the Dr. in I pushed for about 3 min and Nicholas joined our world. I'm telling you I would go through labor any day if someone took my pregnancy!
My recovery is going very good as well I finally after 9 months feel like myself again. I told Steve that during my pregnancy I totally do not feel like myself that he should give me another name.

I really hate delivery pictures of myself I look all sweaty and frumpy But it is def one of the most amazing times in my life, holding my child for the first time and since this blog is partially my journal I added them.... just saying


Friday, February 3, 2012

A new addition to our family!

Nicholas Camden Stoltzfus was born at 7:02pm, (yes two minuets after dinner cutoff time) on January 24th weighing 7lbs 5oz and measuring 20 inches long
O and the kind nurse let me order a turkey club (my favorite) at 6:55pm a few minuets before I started pushing. Can you tell I LOVE food?

My delivery went very well, yes I only pushed for about 3 minuets!
I'm just crazy about all his hair!
Aisha is a proud big sister! She had some behavior issues but other than that is adjusting very well! She absolutely loves her baby brother, this morning she was holding him (with my help) and she started singing to him and he fell asleep! Made my heart melt
I think they look so much alike on this picture
such sweetness!

We are all adjusting very well, I'm glad the first week is over, I feel alot more like myself (no more weeping over strawberry jelly drops on the counter) Aisha is getting back to her sweet self. I am getting in a routine with two kids and I am loving all the time spent at home!
Newborns just melt my heart and I'm trying to cherish every minuet while also trying to meet the demands and emotional needs of a toddler.

Welcome to the family Nicholas we are all crazy about you! 

I know I haven't been blogging much, ok at all, I took a little break while pregnant but I'm hoping to get back to it.

Thanks to Di Images for the wonderful photography