Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A day spend with beautiful friends!

One day a few weeks a ago these lovely ladies came to and spent the day at my house (I know I'm a little on behind)  I would have made my title "a day spent with old friends (cause we've been friends for a long time) but we discussed that we are NOT old so I reconsidered!

We graduated High School together (which was not that long ago! we may be living in denial a little) Sil just recently moved back from Utah. O how I love when my friends move back home!! 

So what did we do for four plus hours??? 
sat and talked and drank coffee and played with darling kids
it was wonderful!!

I felt so lifted up and inspired it was so refreshing! I love friends like that! 

We picked up where we left off and believe me (although it was not long ago) we had alot of ground to cover! 

I love the beautiful women God has placed in my life!! Thank you ladies for a wonderful day!

Sil's darling son and her nicely painted toe nails:)
Rosa is so good with Kids! its so fun seeing her interact with our kids! they absolutly loved her!

 I love you sweetie pie!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Aisha!!

I Marvel how much you have grown in the past year
From being so helpless to knowing pretty much what you want
from being so tiny with no expression to being so happy and full of life!

Today we celebrate the day you changed our lives forever!
I never knew I had so much love in my heart!
Today we celebrate you making us a family!
Today we celebrate the JOY you have brought into our lives!

Today we thank God for allowing us to be your parents!

I love you Aisha!

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's time to Party!!!

This week my little girl turns 1!!, I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone.
     So yesterday we had a PARTY!

We were hoping to have it outside but the weather was not the greatest so we jammed everything (and everyone) into the basement.

Sandwitches, Pasta Salad, Chips
Cupcakes and Ice Cream was on the menu

The Birthday Girl (and her handsome father)
Aisha was not quite sure what was going on when she first came down, she seemed really suprised and a little overwhelmmed that there were so many people in her basement

There was close to 50 people here and we only invited family (Steve comes from a very large family)

She was very mellow at first, but soon she started having fun!

 Aisha's Cousin Tanisha

She ate all the icing off of the cupcake then she was finished

Aisha with her best friend Orlando

Opening her gifts

Aisha's cousin Brooke

We had alot of fun but we were totally wore out by the end of the day so today we are doing pretty much nothing and enjoying ourselves very much


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer dresses

So yesterday I heard that my mother was making sticky buns (she makes the best)
so we headed over there to see if she would have any extra

I took along an old shirt that I found that I just could no get rid of but did not fit me
Don't you just love clothe like that
O this doen't fit me but it's just to hard to bare to give it away
So I thought maybe I (my mom) could make a dress for Aisha out of it
Do you know my mom? well she's just kind of amazing!!
so after making sticky buns she started sewing (o how I love her)
All she did was take in the sides and hem it up, my little model was not that willing to pose so maybe sometime when it warms up (if it ever does) I will post the little munchkin wearing it

My sister had brought a whole box of clothe that she didn't want anymore to my moms to see if she wanted to go through it before she gives it away, well after we were done with the first dress my mom wanted tos sew some more (she says she doesn't like sewing but I think she's just kidding) so i found a shirt out of the box (thanks Jolene) and WAHLAH this is what WE came up with (I design and my mom sews)

O I can hardly stand the cuteness!!

My favorite!!! again I come up with the ideas and mom sews (we make a great team!)

I love details! I'm seein this with white leggins with lace on the bottom!

So Aisha has three new dresses for $0.00!!!
(and yes I did try sewing but it made me very nervous cause I wasn't going straight and my mom took it out and started over haha but I will try again! yes I will)

Here's another little project
I bought this at a thrift store thought it was so cute but had no idea what to do with it! So this is what I came up with (with some help)

I just added some moss and fake flowers (which I got for way cheap at Michaels, how I love coupons!)

And here's one of my (cowgirl) munckin just for fun!

"Blessing, count them each and everyday"