Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A day spend with beautiful friends!

One day a few weeks a ago these lovely ladies came to and spent the day at my house (I know I'm a little on behind)  I would have made my title "a day spent with old friends (cause we've been friends for a long time) but we discussed that we are NOT old so I reconsidered!

We graduated High School together (which was not that long ago! we may be living in denial a little) Sil just recently moved back from Utah. O how I love when my friends move back home!! 

So what did we do for four plus hours??? 
sat and talked and drank coffee and played with darling kids
it was wonderful!!

I felt so lifted up and inspired it was so refreshing! I love friends like that! 

We picked up where we left off and believe me (although it was not long ago) we had alot of ground to cover! 

I love the beautiful women God has placed in my life!! Thank you ladies for a wonderful day!

Sil's darling son and her nicely painted toe nails:)
Rosa is so good with Kids! its so fun seeing her interact with our kids! they absolutly loved her!

 I love you sweetie pie!!

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