Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer dresses

So yesterday I heard that my mother was making sticky buns (she makes the best)
so we headed over there to see if she would have any extra

I took along an old shirt that I found that I just could no get rid of but did not fit me
Don't you just love clothe like that
O this doen't fit me but it's just to hard to bare to give it away
So I thought maybe I (my mom) could make a dress for Aisha out of it
Do you know my mom? well she's just kind of amazing!!
so after making sticky buns she started sewing (o how I love her)
All she did was take in the sides and hem it up, my little model was not that willing to pose so maybe sometime when it warms up (if it ever does) I will post the little munchkin wearing it

My sister had brought a whole box of clothe that she didn't want anymore to my moms to see if she wanted to go through it before she gives it away, well after we were done with the first dress my mom wanted tos sew some more (she says she doesn't like sewing but I think she's just kidding) so i found a shirt out of the box (thanks Jolene) and WAHLAH this is what WE came up with (I design and my mom sews)

O I can hardly stand the cuteness!!

My favorite!!! again I come up with the ideas and mom sews (we make a great team!)

I love details! I'm seein this with white leggins with lace on the bottom!

So Aisha has three new dresses for $0.00!!!
(and yes I did try sewing but it made me very nervous cause I wasn't going straight and my mom took it out and started over haha but I will try again! yes I will)

Here's another little project
I bought this at a thrift store thought it was so cute but had no idea what to do with it! So this is what I came up with (with some help)

I just added some moss and fake flowers (which I got for way cheap at Michaels, how I love coupons!)

And here's one of my (cowgirl) munckin just for fun!

"Blessing, count them each and everyday"


  1. cute cute dresses!!! your getting so crafty!!! love it!

  2. you inspire me-but not enought to go do something crafty right now..maybe tomorow:)those dresses are soo stinkin cute!wat a great idea!

  3. wow tonya... I'm really amazed at your designing skills!!! Great job!

  4. Whatever. You are just too crafty!! Maybe, uh umm, when we move back, we'll have to do this together :)

  5. omw those dreeses are ADORABLE....u know i keep lookin at some of shilohs bought shirts and think"that can t be hard to make"i just wish i would ve learned how to sew when i lived at home all those years of having to make our own dresses..i hated it!!now i would love to make shiloh dresses..ha how things change:)

  6. Jess i cannot wait till you move back!! and Mart i know what you mean i actually never learned how to sew i just told my mom yesterday how i thought it was so uncool and i didnt want to learn cause i never wanted to wear homeade dresses haha now i wish i would have learned!! but hey its never to late

  7. I Love your ideas, very inspriring. I have been sewing up little dresses for my girly so fun and easy. Keep up the good work.

  8. CUTE stuff. really wanna see aisha in those dresses. great idea. love the flower thing-maghigy

  9. love seeing you live out your dream...your an awesome MOM. Love you

  10. That's Jolene. Not sure why they put Elmer's name up there. Still learning how to do this.

  11. i really like your mom,too. i know she makes the best stickies, great breakfasts, awesome sandwiches.........but SEW?!?!?!! that's a new one.

    Cute ideas. Great blog!