Monday, April 18, 2011

It's time to Party!!!

This week my little girl turns 1!!, I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone.
     So yesterday we had a PARTY!

We were hoping to have it outside but the weather was not the greatest so we jammed everything (and everyone) into the basement.

Sandwitches, Pasta Salad, Chips
Cupcakes and Ice Cream was on the menu

The Birthday Girl (and her handsome father)
Aisha was not quite sure what was going on when she first came down, she seemed really suprised and a little overwhelmmed that there were so many people in her basement

There was close to 50 people here and we only invited family (Steve comes from a very large family)

She was very mellow at first, but soon she started having fun!

 Aisha's Cousin Tanisha

She ate all the icing off of the cupcake then she was finished

Aisha with her best friend Orlando

Opening her gifts

Aisha's cousin Brooke

We had alot of fun but we were totally wore out by the end of the day so today we are doing pretty much nothing and enjoying ourselves very much


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