Thursday, June 28, 2012

Five Years

On Saturday (June 23rd) Steve and I celebrated our 5th year of marriage.
{lovely self portrait}

We dropped the kids off friday afternoon,
 Aisha stayed with her aunt Hannah and Nicholas went to Steve's parents, let me interupt myself and say that this is the first time we ever left our kids overnight so it was long overdue! I was very nervous about how Aisha would do going to bed for someone else since she doesn't go to bed that nice for us and the only other time somone put her to bed was when I was in the hospital and that did not go so well. Hannah said she did great, I think they wore her out.

We headed to Baltimore,

{Don't judge my hair, we sat through some rain during the game}

 I forgot what it was like to have an adult conversation while driving down the road, ok maybe I even forgot what it was like to have an uninterupted adult conversation period! We ate at the cheesecake factory then headed to the Oriols game (yes I love baseball just as much as my husband so it was romantic) after the game we walked around the city and went back to our motel. The next morning we slept late, and then went to the Blue Moon Cafe if you ever eat breakfast in Baltimore do yourself and your stomach a huge favor and eat there! it was amazing. After breakfast we walked around a bit and headed out. We stopped at York Galleria and did some shopping then headed to pick up the kids
Even though it was nice to walk around without a huge bag weighing me down
or pushing a stroller
or not having to think about when someone else is hungry or has to pee
we both missed the kids terribly and were so excited to see them

I told Steve I felt refueled as a mother, I hardly get the chance to miss my kids and it was fun to have that feeling!

These last five years have flown by, I'd be lying if I said they were easy, We've had our ups and downs,I never knew how selfish I was until I got married:) but I'm so thankful that God brought Steve into my life he is a wonderful husband and an amazing father! He is an awesome leader in our home and is always putting his family first.
Thanks babe for loving me!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Toddler Talk

I just cannot get enough of it!

Steve and I are those weird parents that instead of correcting our kids we talk like them

For instance: Aisha calls hoshy (deer) bologna "bologna hoshy) so that's what it is around our house, and by the way hoshy means deer in dutch, yes we are those weird people that throw in a dutch word every now and then:)

I love how she says girl, so I will ask her 20 times a day if she is a boy or a girl, to which she immediately responds "I a gur" (aaahhh so cute)

She's starting to talk so "big", the other day while we were supposed to be taking a nap she turns to me and say "now mom let me tell you something"

 Pictures are of Aisha at 2 years and 2 months

Monday, June 18, 2012