Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nicholas~ 4 Months

Today Nicholas is four months old

He is turning into such a happy little guy! He will smile for just about anyone.
His sister can make him laugh at almost anytime. He loves when she is jumping around, it is great entertainment for him.
He is starting to be on a routine and take pretty good naps which I am very grateful for! He goes to bed around 7:30-8:00pm and normally sleeps till 6:00am. So we are finally feeling a little more rested.

He will roll from his stomach to his back but still has not mastered from his back to his stomach but he tries so hard, I keep thinking any day now it will happen.

this is a common sight around here, Nicholas in his saucer and Aisha jumping around to make him laugh.

We are looking forward to enjoying this holiday weekend together!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Poole Forge Park

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the park with some of Steve's family.

The kids had so much fun on the playground and playing in the creek! One of my favorite things about summer is spending more time with family, and watching the kids have fun playing outside together

{Brook and Aisha with their aunt Hannah}

{I think the little girls are getting into trouble}

{and that is the look of pure mischief}

{Nicholas is turning into such a happy baby}

{could they look anymore alike?}

{the big kids playing in the creek}

"God I look to you, you're where my help comes from, give me vision to see them {my kids} like you do, God I look to you"

Happy Monday


First Hair Cut

Last night we gave Nicholas his first hair cut.

 It's something that needed done a long time ago but I kept putting it off because I knew once I cut it, it would make him look so much bigger.

So Steve actually gave him his first haircut cause I was to scared.
I did not get a good after picture cause he was getting tired of it towards the end and I also wanted to get a picture of all the hair that came off (it was allot) but Steve forgot and threw it all out:(

So now we have to keep up with cutting his hair, something new to me because Aisha never had her hair cut. I just cant bring myself to cut those beautiful curls. What is it with me and cutting hair??


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little Chef

I was working in the kitchen and as usual Aisha was right at my side.

{Before anyone panics the knobs on the stove were not on correctly}

She thinks she is a huge help and I would hate to tell her otherwise:)


What I Wore Wednesday

So here's a few outfits from the past week.  I'm challenging myself to NOT buy clothe but mix up what I have. I do not have a whole lot of time to think through my outfits so I usually grab what is handy and see if it looks right.

This first outfit totally came together "unthought" (I have no idea if that is a word). I wore the green jacket the night before and had it hanging over the kitchen chair. i realized it was a bit chilly outside so I put it on and it is my new favorite outfit!

I think the shirt was a gift from Ony (my Bff)
and the jacket I had forever!

Yes I really do love my Toms!
A casual day around the house. The slippers are from Cabela's (yes I did just admit that) and they are amazing!

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