Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nicholas~ 3 Months

Happy three months buddy!

My weeks are flying by! can't believe its time for another update! I will say that I welcome each day and the changes he's making. The past three months have been quite difficult for me. Nicholas is not the most happy content baby but he is definitely doing a lot better, I still feel like some days we have absolutely no routine which can bother me but I'm trying to be ok with it!
He is starting to smile and fuss and the other night I had him giggling when he was taking a bath! It's so much fun seeing his personality come out! He has to be where the action is. If he's on the floor and me and Aisha walk out of the room he starts crying.
He loves his big sister and thinks she is so funny!
He has been doing really good the past couple of nights and I am feeling alot more rested! (sleep is very underrated!) 
Even though some days are very hard I thank God for a healthy baby!
I love you Nicholas Camden!


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