Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little Baby Chickens

Steve promised Aisha that once she was fully potty trained (for the most part, she just peed herself a minuet ago) he would take her and let her pick out some baby chickens. She talked about it everyday and finally one day did not have an accident the whole day

So one Saturday they went and she picked some out. She was so excited I have never seen a child so happy about some baby chickens

they were in a box in the garage for a week then Steve made them a little pen. Aisha goes right into the pen with them it is the cutest thing ever!
One day my sister was here and Steve gave her two because he had to buy six and we didn't need six
Aisha was absolutely heartbroken, she cried and cried about her two missing chickens so Steve went back and got them (sorry Devon) maybe when they are bigger and she cannot play with them as much she will be able to let two go.
Yesterday she spent an hour just playing with them!



  1. oh how know me and my weird sense of humor. it struck me as i was reading this update that your title is living out my dream and you finally got baby chicks. rotfl.....laugh with me please cause i crack myself up

    1. Yes Rosa I'm laughing with you! Although it is fun seeing her have so much fub with them. She reminds me so much of myself when I was little. They really are her best friends and she thinks they love her as much as she loves them:)

  2. Oh I love this!!I am not an animal person but when you see your children love them so much it makes it worth it:)Watch the heat lamp..we had a dozen of them in a coop with a heat lamp.Weelll we went to bozeman for a week(out of town work)and came home to fried chickens!!!seriously I wasn't sure if I should laugh or I did both!!The straw got into the heat lamp and I'm babbling!!enjoy those chickens..looks like a blast:)

    1. O wow thanks for the advice Mart!! Aisha would be devistated! that is funny though!