Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Monthly Update

I've been missing in action lately! between potty training and a slightly fussy baby I've had little time for blogging!

So I'm combining the kids monthly update since they are only three days apart

Aisha is 23 Moths old today
She is already talking about her birthday since we just celebrated her cousin Tanisha's birthday on Monday!
We are still working on potty training, she did awesome for the first few days then kinda relapsed for about a week but is doing so much better now! Her daddy promised he would buy her little baby chickens if she goes a whole day without having an accident, so far we have not gotten there yet but hopefully today will be the day! she really would love living on a farm:)
She is loving this beautiful weather and could spend hours outside! I'm looking so forward to spending lots of time outside with the kids this summer.
One of her favorite things is to go to park and go down the slide, she is quite daring on the playground which makes her daddy very proud and her mommy a little nervous!
She loves to help me in any way she can which is a little stretching for me cause I like things done fast and right, So I'm working on that:)
I absolutely love her age and her fun personality she makes my day everyday

Nicholas~ two months
He is smiling so much lately and it really doesn't take much to make him smile
He likes to be held all the time which is a challenge for me because I have a very busy (almost) two year old and am feeling really good so I'd like to get some work done, but we are trying to find a routine. This week already he is doing better so I'm very thankful for that.
He has outgrown all his newborn clothes and is in 3 months clothes already.

I have to giggle sometimes when I look at the title of my blog! some days it doesn't feel like I'm living out my dream, like the times when I'm cleaning up pee and poop most of the day ore the times when my head is ringing from a screaming baby. There are times when I want to run away as soon as Steve walks in the door (so I usually just go running but I do come back). then my son will give me this big smile or my daughter will say "I lub you mommy" and it makes it all worth it. and I've found if I just take some time to myself like go running or lock the bathroom door when I'm taking a shower:)  and just breath a little I feel so refreshed!

I've been slacking on my What I wore posts and yes I've been in my pj's but I really do not feel like getting dressed when I might be cleaning up pee most of the day. Hopefully by next week I will be back with that!

Hope you all are having a good week and enjoying this weather!

What do you do to take some time for yourself??



  1. I so can relate on wanting to run away some days!! My hubs told me I can run as long as I come back ;) I do promise that it gets better the older the baby gets - the first 3 months were definitely the hardest for me - and now that she's 6 months old it's going better. But now it's time to do the dreaded potty training with Evan :(

    1. Heidi its really not that aweful it just takes commitment and LOTS of patience!! You can do it! Not sure why I tried tackleing it with a newborn I was just sick of buying her diapers! good luck