Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stoltzfus Family Vacation 2011

Every year Steve's whole family goes to the cabin (he is one of eight and all are married and have kids except two) We always go up over the Harford fair. This year it was so much fun seeing Aisha have fun at the fair and with all her cousins. She absolutely loved all the animals at the fair!!

One night we watched the rodeo and now every time Steve give her a "horse" ride she falls off and acts like
she was bull riding.

Aisha loved all the animals, here she is amazed by all the bunnies

"driving" a gator

She won first place in the baby show! (no I'm not trying to turn her into a diva)

Her favorite were the goats and sheep, did I ever mention that I had sheep and goats when I was a kid and I loved them so much so this totally melts my heart!  This child really does need her own farm!

She discovered that playing with play dough is a whole lot of fun, These two spent hours sitting there playing play dough.

bath time is so much more fun with some company! (Aisha with her cousins Brooke and Olivia)

watching her daddy play volleyball while enjoying some of Grandpa's watermelon

My two favorite people in the whole wide world

I know this picture is blurry but it cracked me up, I love the look on Steve's face. Helping your daughter hit the pinata is very intense.

I also realized that all my pictures are of Aisha, yes there was over 30 people up there and the only person I took a picture of was Aisha, I will try to do better next time.

Fall is quickly drawing near and I could not be happier!!
As of yesterday I'm 18 weeks along which means I'm almost half way. yaaaaayy I must say this pregnancy is going allot faster than the one before! I'm feeling so good these days which is a huge blessing!

Here's to FALL I'm excited about it are you?


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