Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One long post!!

Because my posts are few and far between! (I promise I will try to do better)

Our summer has been pretty uneventful, I found out I was pregnant Memorial day weekend, and a week later I started feeling sick. I was sick most of June and the whole month of July. When I am feeling sick the only thing I want to do is stay HOME!!  and with the heat I didn't even want to step foot outside. So thats pretty much what we did for six plus weeks.

I'm starting to feel much better!!! and was able to get my pizza sauce and my salsa canned. I'm so excited because I was not sure if I was going to get any canning done this year!

Aisha looking very guilty while I was busy making salsa! I always know when she got into something she was not supposed to just by the look on her face

A few weeks ago Steve took Aisha to the Haiti sale on his bike. It was late in the afternoon till he got back and Aisha had not had a nap. She was so tired she fell asleep on the back of the bike.

We are thoroughly enjoying our fresh tomatoes from our garden. I think Aisha is enjoying them even more than Steve and I. She will help herself to any tomato she can lay her hands on, she eats them like an apple and eats them down to the core (do tomatoes have cores??).  This morning she was begging for one for breakfast.

Our Family welcomed Jacoby Cole Stoltzfus into the world on August 7th.

Jacoby and his proud older brother Orlando!

It is so fun to have another baby in the family again! He is absolutely darling!!! and we all fight over him!

I thought this was funny, We are Oriole fans and they are in last place (which is not unusual) So what do you do with baseball T's when your team sucks???? you wear them to mow the yard:)

So there you go, a peak into our summer (I warned you it was gonna be long)
We are very ready for some fall weather!
and also looking forward to spending a weekend at the mountains with Steve's family


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