Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aisha 22 Months

Today Aisha Rayne is 22 months old

She is growing up so fast! I know I always say that but these past (almost) two years have gone by so fast!
She loves being the big helper around here! She is always making sure Nicholas has his nuk, his bottle and his blankie.
Aisha is stll doing so good at counting and saying her ABC's. She is starting to recognize letters and we are working on her colors and shapes.
She loves spending time with her daddy and his pretty much his shadow when he is at home.
She is doing so good with adjusting to having a baby brother and not getting all the attention, we had a rough couple of weeks but she is doing so much better.
Her favorite song is "Oh how I love Jesus" and I hear her singing it throughout the day.
She loves looking at books and does good at entertaining herself when I'm feeding Nicholas

She started crawling out of her crib so Steve made her a toddler bed, she loves it but has a little trouble staying in it, she is often up way earlier than I would chose and sometimes her naps are a struggle but I think everyday she is doing better.
She is a very high energy toddler  but I'm loving this stage!

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