Friday, March 25, 2011

What it means to live out your dream

As I was thinking about what the header should be for my blog "Living out my dream" is what came to my mind. So it got me thinking what it actually means

At first when I think of the word dream I automatically think of something far off that i hope to someday accomplish, but when I stop and think I realize that yes indeed I am living out my dream. Since as long as I can remember I have wanted to stay home and raise kids:)  Does that mean that everyday is just glorious and I float along the clouds and never hit reality? absolutly not! I have bad days when I question myself. Really did I actually want this for my life?? On Wednesday (the day i set up my blog) was one of those days. The weather was miserable, Aisha has three teeth coming in and she has a cold, and I am in the middle of Spring cleaning (which i'm very ready to be finished with). By the time Steve got home Aisha and I were both tired of each other. So Steve took Aisha and hung out with her and I had some free time. It wasn't long but just enough to re-energize me. So for me not living out my dream is not always very glorious but deep down in God reasures me that yes I can do this and this is what he has called me to do! (and most days i love it)

I love how God reminds me that I am his child and that what I am doing is very important.

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't you are right" Henry Ford

What are you doing today that you always dreamed of doing?

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  1. im right there with u honey-being a mommy is something i have dreamed of..when i went to guat i realized just how rewarding it can be...and now that im a wife as well its double the reward..this stage of life is incredible-not always fun and easy-but still soo amazing and i wouldnt trade it for seems as though all my other dreams i had befrore i got amrried..arent so important anymore cause this is all i wana do.:) loved ur post today!thank u