Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm new at this

So i've decided to start blogging, not only for others to read but kind of a journal for myself. I love reading other peoples blogs and how encouraging they are and thought why not. My goal is to share a little of my life and to encourage other mothers in this journey of raising kids.

I want to share a few goals I have for this year

1. I want my blog to be encouraging and uplifting
2. I want to learn about photography, which is another reason i wanted to start a blog because I want to post pictures and i desperatly need to learn about editing and i figured this would give me a boost. so any suggestions would be very welcomed!
3. I want to learn how to sew, very random i know, but with my crafty side coming out sewing would be so handy so again any suggestions would be welcomed.

I do not want to neglect my beautiful daughter while blogging so my blogs might be a little random, i normally am on the computer in the morning before she wakes up and sometimes when she's napping.
So here goes

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  1. i for one am very excited abt this--ill b checking up daily:)good choice:)