Monday, March 18, 2013

Confessions of a Mommy

~I HATE lollipops! when we go to the bank I pray my kids will be entertained watching their video and not realize where we are at (my husband thinks this is borderline child abuse)

~I am very uncreative when playing with my kids (especially a one year old) I am much better at reading books, coloring, putting puzzle together.

~When I'm getting ready I sometimes lock myself in the bathroom. (I mean seriously how am I supposed to get my eyeliner straight when I have two kids pulling at my leg)

~I struggle with keeping a clean/organized house and letting my kids be kids. Sometimes I feel like I'm more concerned about how my house looks than the happiness of my kids (wow that was hard to admit). I want my kids to be able to have fun and creative in my house but sometimes the mess drives me CRAZY. So this is something I'm working on daily. and to all you mothers with older kids who are saying "Oh just enjoy this age it will pass so quickly" would you like to come do my housework???? really, I'm being serious.

~I would stay home all the time, because I really do enjoy staying home, but mostly because it is so much work taking kids anywhere I mean just to get out the door is a huge task, but thankfully I am married to a man who loves to be on the go and hates sitting around, so we go and I really do love it and usually end up having a ton of fun

~I live for nap time!!! My kids absolutely ware me out so if you come to my house between 1:00 and 3:00 I will most likely be on the couch relaxing!

I'm on a journey of "delighting in" my kids (even when they are eating lollipops) maybe I will post about it soon.

Happy Monday! I'm off to make a birthday cake for Steve's birthday, wish me luck!





  1. I love this.lover it love it love are a perfect mom and you're kids are lucky to have you

  2. Tonya, I so relate with Everything you said!!!! Lollipops. I have never liked them, even as a kid. Now as a mom I don't like them because of the mess! Thankfully Evan doesn't like them either, 2 licks and he's done. Olivia doesn't know what they are yet, and I'm hoping she won't like them either :) Amen, on wanting to stay home all the time too!

  3. omw this cracks me up!!!I so get the "stayin at home thing".Hubs is always looking for some other adventure to go on and I just wanna stay home.."for cryin out loud!!But how boring life would be if it would be up to me to make plans. ok your "realness"is quite refreshing in blog world;)