Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back to Blogging

So I took a little blogging break! For a few reasons

*It was a little time consuming and with two little kids I felt like I was spending to much time on the computer and needed more of a balance. but since they both sleep longer than I do now I feel like I have a little more time in the morning (finally)

*I felt like I was not being real. I want my blog to show who we really are, but that is very hard to do in the cyber world. If I post all happy things I look like I have my life altogether and it is just perfect and I am just a perfect mom (NOT TRUE) but If I complain about things I feel like a whiner.
When Nicholas was a tiny I had a very hard time! He was not a good baby and I was very hormonal. I didn't want to write to much about it because there are people dealing with things way worse than a cranky baby, there are some people who would love to just have their baby whether cranky or not, so I felt guilty if I shared what I was feeling (which was not always very pretty).

* I also do not want my kids to look back on my blogs when they are older and read my complaining about them, I want them to remember the happy times because I know I will forget about the bad times. I already have forgotten some (ok maybe just a little).

*I really am not a great writer, and my spelling and grammer are horrible (thank you spell check)

But I really do miss documenting about our life and about my kids which is the reason I'm back. So as you read my blog just know that I love my life but I am sometimes very unhappy with it. I love my husband very much but sometimes he irritates me, there are three lightbulbs out in our house right now (I groan when a lightbulb goes out for some reason it just irritates me, doesn't take much I know)  and he keeps telling me that he will take care of them so finally last night I stomped my foot and said "tomorrow I'm going to the hardware store and buying new lightbulbs" and he said "No I will take care of it I'm going to Yale Electric tomorrow and will get them our local hardware store does not have the right ones". I should have stomped my foot earlier:) I love my kids more than I can say but sometimes they drive me crazy and I want to ship them out the door and lock it (believe me I have never done that).

So here is to trying to be real the the cyber world!

I will leave you with a picture because a blog post is no fun without pictures!

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  1. YOU GO stated so many of my thoughts about blogging. maybe i will start back up now too. and you are a great mom and wife!!! believe it!!!!!