Wednesday, March 13, 2013

what i wore wednesday

pleated poppy

It's Wednesday already (my weeks fly by with two little ones)
White jeans~ Charlotte Russe
Polka dot shirt~ Old Navy
Blazer~ Body Central
Boots~gift from my mom
Necklace~ RUE21
Striped Shirt~Gift from my BFF
Denim shirt~ FB yardsale
scarf~ body Central
brown boots: urbanog
I find it really awkward to take pictures of myself. How should I stand, What should I do with my other hand, how should I smile. Never knew it could be so hard
I'm loving getting outfit ideas off of pinterest, what did I cook/wear/craft before pinterest? You can find me on pinterest here
Yesterday it rained ALL day so me and the kids had jammie day (I usually allow one jammie day a week) it was so fun just lounging around but one jammie day is plenty for me!
Happy Wednesday
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  1. Your orange scarf is so cute! I love a big chunky scarf like that!!

  2. Love that second outfit. I want to copy it in my daily style :)
    Stopping by from What I Wore Wednesday linkup.

  3. I especially love that second outfit. Love the scarf!


  4. Outfit pictures are awkward, so you're not alone. And pinterest is the best for outfit ideas!

    Your newest follower,